Liaisoning with Regional Director

In the context of the Companies Act 2013, "liaisoning" typically refers to the process of communication and coordination between a company and the Regional Director (RD) appointed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The RD is responsible for overseeing the administration and compliance of the Companies Act within their respective regions.

As per the Companies Act 2013, certain actions of the company require prior approval of the RD, such as:

  1. Alteration of the company's memorandum or articles of association
  2. Conversion of the company from one form to another
  3. Shifting of the registered office from one state to another
  4. Reduction of share capital or buyback of shares
  5. Compounding of certain offences under the Companies Act

Therefore, companies need to liaise with the RD for obtaining necessary approvals before undertaking these actions. The company needs to submit the required documents and applications to the RD, and the RD may request additional information or documents before granting the approval.

It is important for companies to maintain proper communication and coordination with the RD to ensure timely approvals and compliance with the Companies Act. Failure to obtain necessary approvals or comply with the Companies Act can result in penalties and legal consequences.

It is necessary to consult with our professional for handling matters related to Liasoning.

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