Form FC-GPR is issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) when a company receives a foreign investment and for such investment, the company allots shares to the foreign investor, then the company must record the details of such allotment shares using the FC-GPR form.

Any delay in reporting beyond the permissible period shall attract penalty. The penalty is subject to a minimum of 5000 rupees and maximum of 5 lakh rupees per month or part thereof for first six months of delay and thereafter twice that rate.

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  • Unique Identification Number from RBI by reporting Advance Foreign Remittance;
  • KYC report;
  • CS certificate;
  • Certificate from SEBI registered Merchant banker/CA;
  • Disclaimer certificate;
  • Statutory auditor certificate;
  • Board resolution;
  • Copy of FIPB approval;
  • NOC from the remitter for the shares allotted to the third party;
  • Letter from the foreign investor laying down the reasons for making subscription to shares;
  • Copy of agreement/board resolution; and
  • Reason for delay in submission, if required.

It may be noted that the Reserve Bank or AD Bank can ask for any other document if needed.


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