Privacy Policy


CAOI is committed to the confidentiality and privacy of its customers under all circumstances. We believe in the privacy of our customers, and it is beyond compromise in any manner. The financial service provider strictly supports the privacy policy governed by ethics, right to privacy, and moral values. It applies to every former and existing visitor coming on to the website of CAOI on desktop, mobile, or any other devices through direct site links, search ads, redirects, and social media ads (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other such mediums).

Type of information and personal details we collect:

1. CAOI collects the personal details of its site visitors in the form of Name, Address, Email Id, Mobile Number, IP Address and more for the strict business, account and improved services only. The sole responsibility, privacy and confidentiality of your personal information lies with us. This information is not distributed, shared and used by any other third party in any other means or purposes.

2. All payments on our financial company are processed with complete security and privacy so that your financial information remains safe and secure. Also, we don’t collect or store your debit/credit card information like expiry date, CVV and other details.

3. For legal and professional services, we collect various financial and tax-related information. But the information is not used or accessed by any other party, individual, government body or organization except the person working on your query.

4. Other details like demographic data, system information, IP address, browser information, browsing history, time duration spent on site, devices used and more.We access this through browser cookies, sessions, blog posts, commenting, query forms, surveys and account profiles.

Information use policy

1. CAOI does not indulge in any business of selling, renting or sharing your personal, financial and legal details to any outside its organization for any promotional and commercial purposes.

2. To improve your site experience and purchasing behaviour, we might send you emails or SMSes regarding your account, account activity, promotional offers, discounts, coupons, cashback/rewards, transaction information and card details.

3. We may regulate or control the feedback, reviews, comments on our website and other sharing platforms related to our sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Googleto prevent spamming, misuse and eavesdropping.

4. We may use your information in a legal and permitted manner as deemed fit as per the local laws.


In case of any legal dispute or issue arising out of privacy concerns, data misuse and privacy infringement, the same shall be challenged under the local jurisdiction only and governed as per the local rules and regulations.