ESI registration

ESI registration refers to the process of registering for the Employee State Insurance scheme, which is a social security and health insurance scheme for employees in India.

ESI registration is mandatory for all businesses that employ more than 10 employees, and the employer is required to register themselves and their employees for the scheme. The ESI scheme provides medical benefits, sickness benefits, disability benefits, and maternity benefits to the employees, and is administered by the Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC).

To register for ESI, the employer needs to obtain the Employer’s Registration Certificate from the ESIC by submitting the necessary documents such as the registration application, PAN card, bank statement, employee details, and proof of address. Once the application is approved, the employer is provided with a 17-digit unique identification number called the ESI code, which is used for all ESI-related transactions.

ESI registration is important for employers as it ensures compliance with the law and provides social security benefits to their employees.

Check whether your entity is covered under ESIC:
(having more than 10 employees)

  • Non-Seasonal factories employing more than 10 employees
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cinemas including preview theatres
  • Road-motor transport undertakings
  • Newspaper establishments
  • Establishments engaged in Insurance Business
  • Non-Banking Financial Companies
  • Port Trust
  • Airport Authorities
  • Warehousing establishments
  • Private Medical Institutions, Educational institutions and
  • On contract and casual employees of Municipal Corporation/Municipal Bodies employing 10* or more persons in certain States/UTs.


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  • Sickness benefits at the rate of 70% (in the form of salary), in case of any certified illness and which lasts for a maximum of 91 days in any year.
  • Medical benefits to an employee and his family members.
  • Maternity benefit to the women who are pregnant (paid leaves).
  • If the death of the employee happens while on work – 90% of the salary is given to his dependents in the form of a monthly payment after the death of the employee.
  • Same as above in case of disability of the employee.
  • Funeral expenses.
  • Old age medical care expenses.

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Following Documents required for Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESI) Registration

Copy of pan of company/partnership/firm

Copy of Certificate of Incorporation / Registration certificate

Copy of Bank Statement

Copy of all licenses issued in the name of establishment

A cancelled cheque

Copy of electricity Bill

Copy of rent/ lease agreement

Copy of pan and voter id of directors/partners

Copy of Board Resolution

List of all employees employed directly by the company or by the contractor.



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